November 21, 2010
By (Drew) PLATINUM, Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota
(Drew) PLATINUM, Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota
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Fact is the opinion of God

Morning dawned crisp and clear
Songbirds were all there was to hear.
A white flower opened in a shady space
A host of sticks propped snowy petals in place.
The bird stooped one wing, descended
‘Til she saw what rendered her intelligence transcended.
Linen like clouds rose to a peak
Beneath it tall forms deigned to speak.
“Diana best be out of bed.”
Another laughed and said, “She’s got white running through her head!”
The bird perched on a branch, flicked her feathers,
And sang at the strange things binding the flower with tethers.
They took no notice, so she flew.
On the grass the sun steamed off the night’s dew.

A host of cars was parked along the road
Hidden from the lawn, nicely mowed.
From the open space led a path lined with yellow blooms.
The sight made the bride tremble like it led to her tomb.
When the music began, she nearly turned and ran,
But she quelled her fear and took a step toward her man.
Her mother came hurrying
Down the path that Diana was worrying.
“He’s not here!” her mother screamed.
From the guess rose surprise like fog and anger like steam.
Why did he abandon her? How could he have lied?
Inside Diana something died.

Headlights cut through the night
Scattered everywhere, trying to sight
The car or the groom that didn’t show
And left Diana the youngest widow.
They’d called the hotel and asked for him.
They’d been told he’d left-“How grim!”
Now anger flared and tears flowed
To find their faith had been ill-bestowed.
Diana’s father raged and struck the wheel,
Cursing he who turned his daughter’s heart to meal.
She merely sat and stared out
At the world she used to flout
For all its vague and wandering ways
For she had found a place to stay.
The next morning came as iron and ice,
Crushing hope with its cloudy vice.
News came that his car was found,
But the bearers spoke not a pleasant sound.
Wrapped around a tree, the car resembled
A child’s toy not yet assembled.
The man himself
Rested on God’s shelf.
In the wreckage was one thing unharmed
Owed to the shelter of the groom’s arm.
From under him a picture of Diana peeped
Smooth and clean, as to it he gave his life to keep.

The author's comments:
"Jilted" is not meant to be taken too seriously. It is a way for me to tell a story about marriage in a fairly easy way.

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