I miss you

November 21, 2010
The first day that I took your hand
You brought my life into another land
Through the struggles and the heartbreaks
I realized what I have done to you
I made a scar that held and when it bleeds you always yelled
With all the tough situations I hardly paid attention to what you showed me
How you know me and made me feel
That our love was for real and not a wrong deal
I guess I just took a wrong turn
Through a track that was already burned
I opened up my eyes and now I see what you truely really mean to me
The flame that was set always keeps burnin even when we met
The candle is still held and nothing will ever keep it from going out because in my heart
I am still learning that I miss you
And I really want to kiss you
But for now I will have to wait and see who I will choose to be
My love for you is not shattered
It comes to me in a song in my head
I see you when I lay down in my bed
For all the wrong emotions
I am not good for what I have done
But maybe one day we can lie down in the sun
And start over what had once begun
Because I miss you

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