Ignorance's Bliss

November 21, 2010
You love me
you loved me, the me I was
you wanted who i’m not anymore
but now you don’t even want that
you want to forget me
you want me to have never happened
every laugh, every kiss
you want to wipe the memory from your lips
every tear, every shout
you want to bleach the stain from your skin
banish me and purge me
a stubborn scar you can’t remove
but itches and itches till you make it bleed
make yourself bleed
picking at the scab, forcing me away
but knowing that it’ll never heal
because you don’t want it to
you don’t want bittersweet memories
you want the oblivion of unknowing
the ignorance of ignorance’s bliss
but that you can’t have
just like you cant have who i was
so you stay

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