We Cry

November 21, 2010
forgetting me would be your wish but its
not your heart that’s stopping you now
and though you say its my fault and you
mock me and my pain i know you’re just
pushing away those demons of feeling
you hurt me and you laugh while i’m
on the floor beneath you sobbing
but i know to drop any lower would be
certain death for your composure
you’re just looking out for yourself
and however selfish that is its your
choice to make just as its mine to
drop my banner of hate and accept
that you’re done and its over with us

oh but what memories we had and to
forget those would be such a waste of
replayed film in my mind behind my eyes
all the time as i look at you flashes from
Polaroids that dance but you burn them cause
you want them back but they’re pirouetting just
out of your reach so you cry
i cry

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