The Pain That Eats Me Inside

November 21, 2010
By RedQueen PLATINUM, Menifee, California
RedQueen PLATINUM, Menifee, California
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Its like taking a hit to the stomach
Like Getting stabbed 20 times
I hate feeling like this
I hate feeling like no one cares
You treat me like I'm nothing
I wish i could get rid of the pain
It is eating me inside out
It is like a cancer spreading
I wish i could leave this place
I feel so trapped
I feel like I am in a Asylum
I cant escape this Pain
This pain that eats me inside
The guilt that builds up
I wish I could escape the darkness
This pain inside me eats me alive
Im slowly losing all control
Losing all my senses
Im screaming
The pain is killing me slowly
It is like being tortured
Just end my misery
Let me into the light
Please end it all

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