A Strange Mistake

November 20, 2010
By Milson GOLD, Dallas, Texas
Milson GOLD, Dallas, Texas
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The lights were off,
The vast room filled with too many people.
I could feel myself
Being pulled in a million directions
By the hands of people I had never seen.
I let myself be taken
Into one dark corner
Of the room.
His breath was hot against my neck,
His hands heavy against my back and
His arms forceful around my waist.
My body was limp
As we moved together;
I had never been this close to a stranger.
The noises that escaped from me
Were involuntary,
His noises were those of deep passion
And strong emotions willed together
By one act.
I felt like I was floating,
Floating on a cloud destined for heaven.
But then it was over,
Just over,
And when the full weight fell to my shoulders,
I knew I had been changed.

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