Beauty Is

November 20, 2010
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Beauty is....
A world without war and hatred,
without mushroom clouds along the horizon.
without prisoners of any cause but their own,
without bomb shells lodged deep into your flesh,
and without anger or rage.

Beauty is...
A century with change (both good and bad),
with the knowledge learned from our past mistakes,
with the innovation of a new nation,
with the determination of a new people,
and with the will to help the less fortunate now instead of tomorrow.

Beauty is...
A decade without racism,
without corrupt politicians,
without inequality, slavery, or bullies,
without the feeling of superiority
and without the corresponding feeling of inferiority.

Beauty is...
A year with friends and allies,
with peaceful hellos,
with celebration of coming together,
with dancing, hugging, kissing,
with unity and openness.

Beauty is...
Ten minutes without poverty,
without a child dying of starvation,
without the spread of AIDS,
without the wails of helpless children,
without witnesses watching, waiting for someone else to take action.

Beauty is...
A moment with the one you love,
with ocean waves crashing against the shore,
with the climax of the symphony in your ears,
with the feeling of success running deep in your veins,
and the hand of your beloved laced through yours.

Beauty is life, and we have a little slice of beauty.

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