From Bad, Comes Good

November 22, 2010
By Anonymous

Silence and Pain, faced all alone
Sure they offer a helping hand, but it’s because they’re
Supposed to
Not because they want to.
They expect so much of you,
When you are broken
Not just the leg in a cast holds you back, But the emptiness inside
They ditch you for other girls, Those so called “friends” of yours
You try to tell them how you feel, but no sound escapes your lips
Sure, you’re smart,
Top of the class
But that’s all you’ll ever be
No one really likes you; they only use you for your brain,
Now everyone has left and it is Silent and you are alone
You want to cry, but are too strong, Maybe too proud to do so
Here by yourself, The dog eared page of a book catches your eye
You write it down, Then you draw it
Soon an entire world is created at Your fingertips
A world for you, one you will never have to share with others
But you will because you are the better person
You ask your old poetry mentor What she thinks
She writes you a lovely letter and tells you that you have “The Sight”
“The Sight” needed to produce these words on paper
So you laugh, You laugh at the fools who pity you because you
Are broken and left out
Because they do not know that truly you are the one gaining from this experience

The author's comments:
“The summer before I started middle school I broke my leg in two places. A new school, new classes, new friends and a cast from the tip of my toes to the top of my thigh, but in that time when I was left out of so many things I had time to myself and it’s when I truly got in touch with my love for writing. Hope you enjoy.”

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