It Warms My Bones

November 20, 2010
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It warms my bones to hear that word
and to think that he is guiding me
I try my hardest to follow his example
and to show that I accept him
I want him to be there for all of my life,
to help me, to push me and to listen
Dads don't have be to be biological or married in
I wish I could call him Dad and sit on his lap
like when I was little
He's always been here with me for as long as I can remember
walking down the road and shielding me from the cruel world
It seems so simple to say that three letter word
but I need him to accept me as a daughter
so he can be Dad
I'll have to talk it over with him
to see if it's ok to call him by that name
whenever I hear him say that word
my heart reaches out and screams that he's my Dad
more than the other
Until the day when I call him that
three-letter word
I'll simply call him

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