The Tattoo

November 6, 2010
By coxswain1204 BRONZE, Scarsdale, New York
coxswain1204 BRONZE, Scarsdale, New York
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She was born into a world where the river ran clear
Filled with fish of thousands of patterns tattooed on their scales
Where life ran free like faucet water
But when the river ran black with death
Speckled with red, the blood of war
She had escaped with Louise
Aboard ship
Where for endless days and nights they were punished by the sea
the sea punished them
Scolded at and picked on by the waves
Even the sun seemed to have sentenced them to death

They had arrived in the community during a thunder storm
After their boat had been recked by the vibrations of thunder echoed from the sky
They had vowed to never speak of the Eden they had come run from
And were sworn into the community

The chief threatened them with tattoos if they broke the vow of silence
The most severe punishment he could offer
Louise was young when they first arrived so she did not take his words to heart
And so she spoke to the minions, but was branded with steaming hot irons
Sometimes she longed to be like Louise and speak the truth, but fear ran quick through her veins
Contained in her blood
So she did not speak
Sometimes, on the fishing boat she longed to speak about the past to Louise
Before Louise was branded a tattoo on her shoulder
Afterwards they no longer spoke

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