November 6, 2010
By Anonymous

A choice engraved with your name
Sits waiting on a shelf
It speaks to me
And calls me near
Its silver light glows
Brighter than what I've seen
In younger years
When we were unconditional
Whem guilt had green eyes and dared not make a sound
Now her eyes are clamped shut, turning red
She's clutching to her seat
Trying not to scream
Tremors shake and shivers are evident
With every second on the clock
(Tick faster faster)
Breathing comes harder
Where's the line
It's drawn in blood
You've crossed it one too many times
Scabbed over, now it's sore
Bruised beneath the skin
Embraces ache
Pulling away the bandage opens the woung again
Crimson runs dry
Nothing left inside
Empty is black
Like ink
The ink I use to scribble your name out
In Panic
To make sure it's still there
Let the pages blow away
Reach the sun, they'll burn
Fire proves more appealing with each passing day
Violet lace perfume
In the air ignites
One memory gone
Sleep contorts nightmares
Blurs vision
Two memories gone
Out of business
Closed on Sundays everyday
Three memories gone
Flames burn curious fingertips
My hands remembered
No more no more
Four memories gone
You took those too
Twenty memories later
One more to go
A race to see who will reach it first
And keep it golden, hung up high
On a wall too far from your bed
In endless hallways stretching on
Doorway at the end
I'm on the other side

The author's comments:
My free verse never turns out well. But I just started writing until I felt like I said nearly enough.

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