Unstiched heart

November 11, 2010
By Anonymous

--IT was saying all these things in french. 
--Stealing every young soul's mind.  
--My only thought was to break that bench. 
--And fly far.. away from IT's big fat behind. 

--Far away where that darling would be waiting.
--Hehe thats a little school girls thought.
--A silly heart, wouldnt know, is it beating or is it acting.
--I would've never guessed it to be a stupid toy that he bought.

--She stood there hoping to be in his arms 
--But being silly again she decided to do a test. 
--Stupid thing, didnt know all the harms.
--That lovely jerk wouldnt spread his hand,wont let her lay on his cozy chest.

--I AM strong i thought, but dear every crust can melt.
--I regreted what i had confessed to him, perhaps i can go back in time.
--Haha Yet again forgot that.. this was something only i had felt.
--But what can i say he truly was my go -to shoulder..everynight just before my bedtime.

--He finally walked by her, held her up and gave her a sweet hug. 
--Damn how he could easly make her wish for a simple kiss. 
--A Rather shame, for behind that mask hid a nasty smug.
--she was too nieve too see it, after all she only wanted to be his bliss.

--He never realy understood what he said.
--My PMS mind decided that he's had enough.
--Perhaps my love is only as real as the little mermaid.
--To me his words became too tough..

--She stupidly set him free, maybee her bird will one day return.  
--Only to her friends she uncovered  the mask of a loving b****.
--Haha till this day she dreams of his comeback even if you think it makes her burn.
--For now, her perfectly fine heart remains without a stich

--Maybee IT is the reason of all this, yeah it is IT's fault.
--So c'mon babe lets damn all those IT teachers to hell.
--Doubt we'd be charged with any criminal assalut.
--trust me it will all end up well.

The author's comments:
Sure its got long lines but what can i say i had alot to say :)

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