November 19, 2010
By ana manriquez BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
ana manriquez BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Wouldn’t it be great if we could use whiteout in our lifely experiences??? We could just erase our mistakes. As simple and easy as that. It just erases the things that we do wrong. But if you really think about it, those mistakes are never fully gone. They stay there and leave a mark. You can tell when you use white out because the paper is never like it was before, clean and mess free. Our lives are like that. We do wrong and even if we try to fix it we never fully get rid of the mistakes we make. They stay there, may be covered up, but are never REALLY gone. We leave marks everywhere we gone. We leave bits of ourselves for others to see. Sometimes we don’t want people to see them, that’s when the whiteout comes in, to strategically cover up our past and what we did wrong. But even then there are people who can see through the whiteout. There are people who, sometimes without even trying, can see through our masks. They can see that we have sinned and that we’ve been scarred for life, that we will never be the same. Those people try to help us. To make us feel better, to repair us. Those people are the true whiteout of our lives. The ones who can really remove the marks, the ones who can make us excited for a new day and ready to get up and face the world. We become different people when we are with them, people that we’ve never before seen. People with different hearts. We start over with a clean sheet of paper, without the marks the whiteout left behind.

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This piece just came to me.

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