Don't Even Know

November 6, 2010
By , Denver, CO
They say that I'm angry
They don't even know
When the look on my face
Is all that I show
But inside I'm burning
This fire consumes
The smoke blinds me in rage
And fills up the room
No way to release it
I scream silently
I display my emotions
Almost violently
I cannot hurt others
That would be wrong
And would show all my weakness
When I need to stay strong
My own body's a safe place
To release such anger
When I fight with myself
I feel like a stranger
Unsafe in my presence
But I cannot hide
Uncertainty marks
All the times that I've cried
I am my own best friend
Only I understand
All the feelings I deal with
All the scars on my hand
Some may think my scars
Suggest a painful past
But they're for past, present, future
And pain that will last

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