My Every Thought

November 6, 2010
By Anonymous

I want to tell you how you've hurt me
All the way deep into my bones
All the times you left me crying
And feeling so alone
You even left me bleeding
But scars heal just the same
My heart is always beating
But still not quite the same
Put back the pieces that you stole
Take away the things you said
Your absence is tearing up my soul
And your words still fill my head
You have no idea what pain I've endured
Since you left me long ago
No one's promised me peace, I'm unassured
Left healing on my own
I'd still take back the things I said
Maybe that was why you fought
If only you hadn't gone away
You wouldn't haunt my every thought

The author's comments:
It's ridiculous how long it takes to let some things go.

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