November 1, 2010
By Anonymous

so go ahead and take out my eyes. replace them with windows so you can glare into my head and find out why im the one who is seeing the owls outside my door. black as the words you said in irrational unforgiving paragraphs, constructed by the ones who created the sphinx and the pyramids with pillars as thick as your ego.
youre still sitting in your room with the butterfly bones glued to your walls and wings caked against the ceilng fan, trying to turn what you put on paper, the metal, into gold. you once said that the river will flood when the king decides im wrong about the gold we once carried on our backs, how we called it emotion and you were screaming about the weight, the weight. we should have put a nametag on stating regret was its name so that all the innocents would know to keep away.
black cats always seem to circle and hummm around my ankles like mosquitos at sunset, drinking and smoking with your pouncing friends in that tree house your dead father made for you at age seven.
atleast then you knew what living was
atleast then you understood the chemicals that make up you and your fake beauty.

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