When All Is Lost

November 19, 2010
By Anonymous

He says we must hold on
We must fight through this together
He weeps, for she gave her word
She would stay with him through whatever
What he does not know is that she weeps too
But for reasons she cannot describe
Her tears are for what the future holds
What the future cannot hide
If only we had control
Control over our loved ones fate
Control over whether we choose to cry, be strong
If this only were so, no more tears, no more hate
All I can do is pray and pray
That the Lord will not take my protection
But when the doctors give no other way
All I can show is affection
For he loves her, and I
Though he does not bear the truth
I know his emotions are shy
I can say I have enjoyed my youth
The words are screaming to me
Kind words I wish not to hear
He is a fighter, It is his will
Death, is what we fear.

The author's comments:
I recently found out that my dad was diagnosed with a life threatening disease. Not much is known about this disease, but no good comes form it. He will pass, but we do not know his prognosis.

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