November 19, 2010
Looking out the window
Seeing my family playing.
Watching my mother
Hold my brother tight,
Watching for my warrior brothers.
That was Hiroshima.

Walking outside
Feeling the sun warm my skin,
Looking around and looking up,
As a plane flew overhead.
Wondering if it was ours,
That was Hiroshima.

The plane was theirs.
Flying over the city
It dropped a shape.
As it fell we ran,
My family and me.
That was Hiroshima.

It landed and then we saw it.
A flash.
A cloud.
We saw people running
Only to be caught.
That was Hiroshima.

All was ashes.
All was smoke.
Crying for my family as I wandered.
See people who I had known
Lying cold in the street.
That was Hiroshima.

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