Beauty o Hassle

November 19, 2010
A road is a symphony.

The car, the tempo

Fast makes the song quick, easy

Slow, beautiful melody, peaceful melody

The sky, violins,

Dark they may be

yet always changing

Trees, the flutes

always high strong mighty

The wildlife guitars very few,

but excite your heart

and stand out.

Shadows drums the rhythm
never ending, only stronger then
quiet, strong then quiet.
without it there is no song.

The Grass, singers

Rising high to perfection
and never ceasing.
They are the fine detail the,
extra sound

Flowers, the piano

The only instrument that can attain
beauty with a voice like angles
but only for a season

Key to the Symphonic sound, colors

One is dull, many can last a
life-time, they are the directors
without the song is lost.

The road is a never ending song of angelic voices,
to other a hassle.

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