November 19, 2010
By aubreyclairexx3 SILVER, South Plainfield, New Jersey
aubreyclairexx3 SILVER, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I am a fool at best
A pawn, a child.
My mind seems to
Be easily molded by
The words, the lies
That I am fed.
I do not have a doubt
In my mind
That you made this
Intriguing discovery.
You used it for
Your own advantage.
So let’s look at you,
A joker in disguise
Once a saint in my eyes
But your lies, your cruelty
It made you a monster.
Your smile turned
Into a deceitful smirk.
Your warm embrace,
Once my sanctuary,
Now a cold and bitter winter,
Holds no safe haven for me.
You broke me
You showed me
That trust can’t exist
When you’re trusting
Someone as fraudulent,
As deplorable as you.

Thank you for putting
A seal on my heart. No time
To heal, for I must play
The part of the girl
Who walked head first
Into the fire
And came out

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