Baby Steps

November 19, 2010
By Silverfeather SILVER, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Silverfeather SILVER, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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"It's cold as hell in here!"~something people say when it's cold. I find this quote ironic because hell isn't cold at all. :3 Hell is just a bunch of fiery flames so it technically it can't be cold. 83

I eye the other side of the room where the guardians are,
They call out to me and make weird motions with their arms,
Do they want me to come over?
I do want to go over there but only if they carry me,
But it seems I have to go over to them by myself.

I make one last wail in an attempt for them to come over,
But they only keep making strange noises.
I take a deep breath and steady myself,
It’s like what that one guy said,
A journey to the other side of the room starts with a single step,
Or something like that.

I scramble clumsily to my feet and wobble precariously,
I take a lurching step forward and bam!
I instantly fall flat on my face,
Good thing I’m still on the carpet,
Otherwise that would’ve hurt.

I get on my knees and fervently crawl forward,
Getting annoyed with my guardians,
It’s their job to help me and they’re not doing it right!
I let out a whine and they look at me with stupid expressions,
What on earth is wrong with them?

Suddenly a gray and white shape bounds into my vision,
Its tail wags a mile a minute and its pointy ears are pricked forward,
Are you my Angel?
It sniffs me and licks my face, making me giggle,
Oh sweet glory hallelujah!
My savior has arrived!

I sit down and cling the beast’s fluffy tail,
I make a gurgling noise and bang my legs,
The beast starts to move forward, dragging me towards my destination,
I give my guardians a smug smile as they give me a peculiar look,
I let go of the beast’s tail and reach my arms up, wanting to be held.
The female one sighs and picks me up,
“Oh well baby, we’ll get you to walk tomorrow.”

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