Dear Good Friend Of Mine

November 19, 2010
By Anonymous

Dear good friend of mine,
We use to be best friends.
We use to tell each other EVERYTHING.
Then one day I couldn’t hold your secrets anymore
And I turned you in
Because I was afraid of what could really happen to you.
For a lack of better words, you flipped.
For a moment there I was honestly scared you were going to beat the life out of me
Right then and there in the school’s guidance office.
You cried.
I couldn’t.
You stood up.
I tried to stay calm.
You screamed in my face.
I tried to whisper.
From that day on I was almost positive that our friendship had ended.
We had gotten in many fights.
But never to one of this caliber.
A month or so went by
And we slowly became friends yet again.
But this time I’m not sure I want to be your best friend.
You put me through so much s***.
You practically controlled my life.
And during this last fight, I finally moved on
And found a way to be happy on my own.
But now you’re crawling back into my life.
I love you.
And I care for you.
I can’t sit back and watch you hurt like this.
The way you have just told me of the new tortures in your house
I can’t let you deal with that alone.
But can I really take you back under my wing?
How long can I be there for you
Before it becomes bad for me…?

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