The Teenage Society

November 17, 2010
Sit back, relax and have a seat. that's how me and poetry got to meet. that's how me and truth got to speak.

and that's how me and destiny made a compromise and allowed me to open up my eyes and see.

it seems to me, everyone's heart has been so combusted and everyone's mind had just been so busted,

with the nonsense dealt in today's society. and the cool kids now a days swear they are living their live eternally,

like all this lasts forever like its immortality, and kids now a days just don't realize that they are just heading down the road of catastrophe and just can't seem to learn from their love ones fatalities.?

Yo ladies, you think its cool going to parties and giving random dudes kisses and hugs,

you swear right there that because he sweet talked you and kissed you, this is "the one".

But the only reason that happens is because quite frankly he just wants to cut, so he really doesn't give a fuck..

Girls now a days complain about guys and how they are nothing but trouble, but if you know they only look for "something" and you still expose yourself to them, wouldn't it be your fault for jumping into dangers bubble?

So relax your soul, have more self-control. Because once you forget you just don't know.

and once you move forward you can't retrieve you steps no more.

and guys, come on. you really think you can find the "one" because you fuck the ones that only fuck.

and they fuck so much that they live by the phrase 'Fuck love".

you got to aim for the ones that are hard to get and won't easily give it up.

Life is beautiful but you are all making it ugly. I hope y'all get my message, I try to help people with their lives even if I don't know them.

I hope God helps you from now, because I'm done with this poem.

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