Burn This Book

November 17, 2010
my book is full
it's time to say goodbye
time for silence
sweet silence
I'll kiss your eyelids closed
I hope you will be happy
now I will burn this book
release all those cringing memories
a gift to the flames
the gift of forgetting
I do so want to forget
I can't drown it
water wouldn't work
it could be salvaged still
I want it gone to ashes
I want you gone to ashes too
it never was a joke
that was just my way of trying to survive it with my mind
still in tact
I guess it didn't work
now I've overdosed on sloppy words for you
I must burn this book
if I do not
will always be there
in the back of my mind
so now
this last page
along with all the rest
will be free to the air
smoke spreads fast
I will miss you
and my words for you as well
but now
you will be dead to me
you're lucky I don't burn you down too

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