The Ghosts That Haunt Me

November 17, 2010
By Chloe021 BRONZE, St Helens, Oregon
Chloe021 BRONZE, St Helens, Oregon
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Sick of crying, tired of trying, yeah I'm smiling but inside I'm dying

They follow me everywhere,

hiding so I can’t see them.

It scares me to know I’m being

followed. They watch my every

move and listen to all my words.

I can’t sleep at night because of

them. They won’t stay quiet anymore.

I need to get away but I can’t.

They won’t leave till they have me.

They’re ghosts and they will always

haunt me till I come to them and

to their world of dead. I try to stay

away but I can’t. They lure me into

their traps, but I get before they

can take me away forever. I’m all

on my own in this game. Keeping

away from the ghosts is hard. But

going to them is easy. I’m stuck

in two very different worlds.

A world of the dead and ghosts

and the world of the living.

A war between two worlds.

A war between two enemies.

This is the war and its ghosts that

will haunt me forever.

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