November 17, 2010
By giggity794 SILVER, Huntington, West Virginia
giggity794 SILVER, Huntington, West Virginia
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"If you're not first, you're last"

I look across the room, so cold and so black.
The sound of their tools rings sharp like a tack.
As we wait and hope, we know our real task;
a sip of escape, the last of my flask.

The deadbolt unlatches; the steel door swings open.
He fights as he’s pulled away, his spirit unbroken.
Our duty is silence, never utter a word;
the screams of us soldiers that will never be heard.

One less man with one less life;
the pain of it crippling, like the slash of a knife.
As more are tormented, the light begins to fade.
Deeper in the waters of uncertain certainty we wade.

As time wastes away,
it is then just a few.
Then me and you,
brothers us two.

Our unspoken words reflect our memories passed.
I cling to this last line of amenity I cast.
I’m led through the door, face hard as stone.
My expression indifferent, but my thought sickly moan.

The steel latch meets the wall,
as if crushing your bones.
The last man standing,
you are alone.

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