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November 17, 2010
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I am your humane and you are my cat
Our relationship is close, very few can see that
But who cares what they know or say
It’s you I know for sure who misses me at the end of the day

Use me for a treat or visit for company
You loyalty is proof that you love me
You listen when I complain, you listen when I cry
You don’t care when I get tears upon your whiskers when other people don’t bother to ask why

Sad or sick, your there for me through thick and thin
And I assure you I’ll be there for you till the very end

People think I’m crazy that I’d choose you over a man
But if he told me to choose from what I love – why would I take his hand?
You are my family you are my son
People think it’s weird, but like a mother holds her baby it’s my heart you have won

You’re getting older my friend
As I look into your golden eyes I ask the question- when you go- how will I mend?

But I can not think about that now
I just hope you know ill hold you- that is my sullen vow

Your motor boat purr and your little wet kiss
It’s you that I will surely miss
This much I know is true
And no one can tell us different me or you
I am your humane and you are my cat
Our relationship is close; very few can share that

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