Roses are Red

November 17, 2010
By rmiller3 SILVER, East Jordan, Michigan
rmiller3 SILVER, East Jordan, Michigan
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Roses are red Violets are blue
Everyone knows that Poem
Just like they know home

I never used to believe in love
And I never paid attention to that stupid dove
When I thought I started to believe
People only took and I never received

I’d give until my heart would break
And finally it became more than I could take
One by one my walls built up
Then when boys wanted in, I’d only smile and say tough

I got in the habit of starting to flirt
Then when they wanted something serious I’d run away so I wouldn’t get hurt

You see, the man that I had fallen for
Told me with him my heart was safe until it was my heart he tore
I never understood how someone like me could give and give
Then people left you for good and expected you to live
But I did live, I didn’t die
That doesn’t mean I never cried

I decided to have my heart locked away
Buried deep down is where it would stay
Then one night unexpected
A spark seemed to pop and it couldn’t have ever gone undetected

It was then your eyes met mine
It was only a matter of time

Shaking and starring I couldn’t keep my eyes off you
Though every time I’d look up I realized you were starring at me too

I told myself to keep my feet on the ground
I told myself there was no one for me miles around
This is what I truly believed
But how sweet you were to me; it seemed that I had been deceived

That first night I was nervous as hell
Slowly but surely you got me out of my shell
You knew there was something different about me
Something that no one else could see

Roses are red and violets are blue
I started to smile when I heard that poem
Just like I smile when I’ve had a long day and I get to come home
I started to see the beauty of the dove
None the less I was still nervous about love

But hard for you is how I fell
I was in love as far as anyone could tell
It was that second night that did me in
It was the second night we did the dirty sin

That night was a special night
I don’t believe I’ve ever held someone to tight
Along with the undeniable lust
Came the unconditional love and trust

You got me to do something that no one else could do
Which was actually trust… and this is why I trust just about no one but you
You’ve got me thinking of stuff that I would’ve never thought about
Marriage and seeing what love was really all about

You tell me I’m beautiful and say I love you everyday
You make me speechless I must say
Small giggles, smiles, eye gazing, in the dark when you hold me
When its you and I is what I like best: when no one else can see

No one knows me quite like you
And that’s no lie, that very true
Here’s what I know; I love you
It seems very true that you love me too
So together is how I hope we stay
And I hope we do because I wouldn’t want to be with anybody else either other way

The author's comments:
FYI my boyfreind have been together for over 6 months going on 7.

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