What I wanted.

November 16, 2010
By thisiswhatiwant. BRONZE, Apex, North Carolina
thisiswhatiwant. BRONZE, Apex, North Carolina
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"if i cant handle you at your low points i dont deserve you at your high points do i??" -bffl

I wanted a normal family.
A loving mom and dad.
Siblings who I was close to.

But instead I got a crazy family.
Mom and dad fighting.
Siblings who were distant.

I never forgave you, really.
I hated you for it, both of you.
I wasn't normal, I was stared at.

When people saw me,
they only saw the outside.
My marks and bruises.

They talked about me as I walked alone.
I saw them they just couldn't see me.
I was right in front of their face.

Then what I feared most came true.
I hurt myself, I did it to me.
With no one else to blame.

but then this guy, he was amazing.
Sweet and caring but I couldn't get to close.
I was only used to craziness.

All I wanted was to be with him
but I couldn't do it cause
I was to scared.

So he left and I haven't seen him since

The author's comments:
what people go through.

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