True friend love

November 15, 2010
By Anonymous

You are my best friend, but you lied to me

You said you liked me. And i honestly liked you

You didnt want to go out with me because you didn't want to put our friendship on the line. 

I was ok with it. I knew what you meant

Later i found out you picked another guy over me

The worse part he was your friend also

I felt betrayed. I knew you picked him because he was better looking

I felt like crap

Ever since i see myself as the ugly fat kid that nobody wants

And till i broke crying at school i knew how much i loved you

I got over you till that one day

Months later the guy turned out to be a perv and u told me that you made the wrong choice

I got hurt. But i wasnt gonna fall for you

I told you that you hurt me alot and you said

" you hurt me in 5th grade so i hurt you" 

Our whole friendship was revenge

I cried and cried

I loved you so much but everything was just you lying

The next day i hugged you and we forgave eachother

To this day, every day you make me feel sad 

You're still my friend. No matter what

Now i feel ugly and that im gonna die alone from what you did

The author's comments:
This is a true story. My friend did this to me

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