Seven LIttle Kisses

November 15, 2010
Seven little kisses, of love.
Not passionate nor sexual, just seven little kisses.
One for hope.
One for bravery.
One for trust.
One for remembering.
One for loyalty.
One for pride.
One for the good old times.
I promised you one of each, this morning with tears in my eyes.
You said when you get out of that place we would just sit, hug, and have 7 little kisses.
One on the cheek.
One on the other.
One on the forehead.
One on the hand.
One on the head.
One on the shoulder,
One on the neck.
Your not my lover, but my love. With whom I share my secrets, my dreams, my tears.
You don’t own my heart, but rather live inside it. Close to me at all times.
Every night I pray for you.
For your health.
For your future.
For your wealth.
For your heart.
For your soul.
For your happiness.
For your own good.
So now I promise you, I’ll be the first one you hug when the Hospital releases you. I’ll be the first one you can complain to about the horrible food and the skimpy nightgowns. I sit there next to you and lend you my presence for what ever you wish. Maybe I’ll just listen, it’s what you don’t say that I really have to know. I pinky swear I’ll be there for you now and forever even if were not always together. And do you know why? It’s because, grandma, I love you.

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