I Fell

November 15, 2010
As I walked by,
your foot stuck out,
It wasn't planned, but I fell.
I fell for you.

Your gentle, teasing smile,
your thoughtful stares,
the touch of our hand,
the warmth of your hug.

I know I'm a klutz,
I fall all the time,
Everything had been hurt,
until I fell for you.

My heart feels it now,
It aches when you aren't near,
It flutters when you are,
It beats in time with yours.

When I fell that day,
Meandering by,
you thrust out an arm,
and caught me.

My knight in shinging armor
caught me before I hit the ground.
Now I feel as if I can fly,
I feel as if I can sing, can dance.

You stuck out your foot and tripped me,
I'll never be the same,
The stitches on my heart,
spell out your name.

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