she loves she

November 1, 2010
By Anonymous

i looked at you and i felt happy.
i smiled and you would always smile back.
i wasn't sure why,but seeing you always made my day just a little bit brighter.
my girl, my homie, and one of my closest firends.
i'd mess with your hair and you'd call me a punk.
you'd smile and pull my cheek.
we could talk about anything for hours.
i helped you and you would help me.
peas in a pod, yet our personalities like fire and ice.
in our friendship i completed you and you completed me.
now i look at you and the butterflies in my stomach begin to fly around.
you ve never said it out loud but you hint that you feel that way too.
we lead our evryday lives but now we just don't know what to do.
one of us with a man and the other one of us with a confused heart.
i deeply care for you and you've told me that you care for me too.
now,....what are we two girls to do?
the electricity runs through me whenever you smile at me.

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