November 18, 2010
By SillySal BRONZE, Pottersville, New Jersey
SillySal BRONZE, Pottersville, New Jersey
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She’s driving with the top down
Her long silky hair flowing
Usher’s playing in the background
And she is
Singing along with the words
Laughing, carefree
Sitting on the soft black seat
Wearing a pretty blue polo shirt
With a miniskirt I always wanted
Friends in the car
Talking about everything
While going to get ice cream,
For me.
Keeping secrets
Just like sisters do
Like the time when I kept the secret
That she was with Richard instead of at work
She came in late
On Christmas night to bed
We hate to fight with each other
Yelling, shouting, screaming,
But we do it.
Yelling at me for not drinking my milk
She storms out of the house
And drives fast away
While she leaves me
Alone in the giant house
Waiting for hours
Running back and forth
From the front door and the den.
Looking at the time pass by
Wondering if she will ever forgive me
Falling asleep in the den in the scratchy chair
She comes in and carries me to bed.
Tucks me in
Places my soft, old blankie in my hand.
She pushes my bangs to the side
With her gentle, warm hands
I open my eyes
And she says
Go to sleep, Sal

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by my sister, Bonnie. And I don't know what I hope people will get out of it.

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