The Lullaby of Alyce

November 18, 2010
By Anonymous

She is found crying on the floor,
While she sits dry eyed in her class room.
She’s broken,
As she cries she wonders:

What is it that makes the world such an

She wants to end the crying.
She wants to end the pain.
But she can’t be helped.

She is found bleeding on the floor;
Her razorblade collecting dust on the shelf.
How is it that she bleeds?

While bleeding she wonders:
Why she can’t be better,
Why there is no help.

All she wanted was some peace,
She only needed one

She is found lifeless in her coffin,
Surrounded by classmates again.
Sit and breathe,
As they taunt,
Act like you don’t care.

While she lays there dead
She wonders:
Did she ever have a chance….

The author's comments:
With this piece I was hoping to accomplish, saving people, the girl in this piece has been bullied and as a result has turned to harming herself and feels dead inside. After reading this poem I was hoping you would all reach out and be that "just one friend" a person like Alyce needs...

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