More than a Word

November 18, 2010
By Anonymous

Love was just a four letter word on the pages of fiction
Until you appeared, pen in hand, and wrote it on my heart to make it real
I never knew the power it held, the magnitude of emotion
Then you showed me what it means to feel
And now my loveless life of hiding no longer appeals
My eyes open to a new dawn of wonders and experience
To a world of colors, unaware before of their existence

But when I turn around, to give the love you gave, you’re gone,
Left me in this empty void where you gave rhythm to my heart
No good-bye or even a chance to say, just a feeling of betrayal
And the knowledge I can’t do anything, to change the ending to our story
I can’t go back and change time, to make you stay with me,
Nor would I want to stop you, from living out your dream
However, without you, all I do is sit and watch the bitter rain
While the letter burns with words I didn’t want to read

…A service to the nation…devotion to the end…
Died a hero’s death…ran through hell to save his men…

I should be angry—furious—that you broke your promise to return
But you turned love into more than a word
And for that I can never go back to where I was before.

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