November 18, 2010
By volleyball123 BRONZE, New City, New York
volleyball123 BRONZE, New City, New York
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Everybody knows that once winter comes
there is only one of thing that crosses our minds
Snow Storms!
I love when I wake up in the morning
and look out my window and see a lot of snow
that’s when I hope for no school that day
It only happens once in a while
but one day, it happened
I was still sleeping when my alarm went off at 6am
I reached over and turned it off and then fell back to sleep
my mom came in and said “It’s a snow day, go back to sleep”
too late, I was already asleep
When I woke up a few hours later
there was so much snow on the ground; you could barely see the road
all the news channels were saying stay home.
Only go out if you absolutely have to
this was the snow storm of the year
the snow just kept coming down
There was no stopping this monster
I sat in my room, by the window
staring for hours at the snow coming down right before me
It was amazing, just to look at the little white snow balls falling from the sky
who knew they would have the power to cancel school
Just looking at all the white in my back yard
there was no green in sight
The news channel said that we got about 2-3 feet of snow that day
That was the most snow we had gotten in a long time

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