November 17, 2010
By KayMoir SILVER, Happy Valley, Oregon
KayMoir SILVER, Happy Valley, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
Under all speech that is good for anything there lies a silence that is better. Silence is deep as Eternity; speech is shallow as Time.
-Thomas Carlyle

The eagle flys
High in the sky;
Staring at the earth below.

A broken wing will be his demise,
But the King of the Sky refuses to cry
As he falls to the earth below.

He screams his defiance in sorrowful rage,
And though he fights it and tries to deny it
He knows never again will the Kingdom in the Sky be his.

The author's comments:
I tend to get sudden insperation at rather inappropriate times, as you might have noticed if you've read some of my other pieces. I'm 80% positive I wrote this one in Biology my first year of high school.

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