November 17, 2010
By Anonymous

I am faced with a choice.
I feel like the world waits upon me,
Their eyes digging deeper into my soul.
The moment is filled with silence,
And as still as a cat,
It waits.
The question taunts me,
And I get increasingly nervous.
How can anyone expect me to make
Such a major decision
With so little precious time.
Are people staring?
I wonder.
Is it noticeable how substantially difficult
This seemingly simple choice has become?
Reality seems to flood me at once,
And the solemn voice asks me once more:
“Sir, would you like some fries with that?”
Suddenly, my brain clicks as the glorious,
And fulfilling answer seeps into my consciousness
“Nah, Maybe next time.”
I laugh.
I am a bird,
Free to fly as it chooses!
This monumental responsibility,
It plagues me no longer.
The sweet aroma of burgers fills the car interior,
As I set off down the long dusty road.
I am filled with euphoria,
as I emerge from the drive-thru.

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