Ugly Is What We'll Claim

November 17, 2010
By Anonymous

Her hair was too golden
Her teeth were too white
Her eyes were so crystal
Her words, too right

Her body was too taut
Her skin was too fair
Her knowledge so deep
Her allure, too rare

Her legs were too long
Her grace was too correct
Her ideas were so flawless
Her back, too erect

Her love was too faithful
Her pores were too small
Her speed so amazing
Her actions, too tall

Yes, this perfect lady
Was once just a child
Yes, this perfect lady
Was born very mild

Her hair was too wiry
Her teeth were too yellow
Her eyes were so dull
Her words, too mellow

Her body was too soft
Her skin was too dry
Her mind was so humble
Her allure, too sly

Her legs were too short
Her grace was too parched
Her ideas were so altered
Her back, too arched

Her love was too loose
Her pores were too airy
Her speed was so measured
Her actions, too wary

Today she is aged
Today she is not gold
Today she is furrowed
Today she is old

Today she can’t stand
Today she is bone
Today she will die
Grayed and alone

But weren’t we all perfect?
Just at one time
Weren’t we just angels?
Weren’t we divine?

I don’t understand
Why we must live this way
If no one was perfect
We’d all be the same

There wouldn’t be youthful
There wouldn’t be fright
There wouldn’t be fitting
There wouldn’t be right

So we’ll all stay perfect
Until we are not
That is when we are lovely
And perfection, forgot

The author's comments:
In our PRIVATE society, I find that some people tend to obsess over other beings whom they don't even know. The poem is about any human that has been watched, ridiculed, picked apart, or sentenced to a life of being under a microscope. Hopefully, this will knock some sense in to our little obsessers, and they can begin to focus on their own life!

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s3r3nd1p1ty said...
on Dec. 7 2010 at 5:05 pm
s3r3nd1p1ty, Longwood, Florida
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THIS. IS. FANTASTIC! I loooove the concept (although i think you could have managed to take a few "too"s out.. but thats just my opinion. you wrote it) :3


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