why do you care?

November 17, 2010
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Why do you care?
you asked me one day
is it the smile that shines
as bright as the stars?
Or the eyes
that make you want to take hold?
Or is it my charm
that entrances you so?
Why do you care?
you asked again
is it the way im nice
to those who hate me?
or the way i can always
brighten the worst of days?
Or is it because
i promised to never hurt you?
Why do you care?
i asked when i could take it no more
Why do you care?
When you could have any girl
in the world?
Why do you care?
When your perfection makes
me self esteem disenigrate?
Why do you care?
When i mean nothing to anyone else?
why do you care?
when you find the things ive done to myself?
I care because i dont want to
live in a world without you
I care because your eyes really do
shine the brightest
your smile the whitest
your heart the purest
your soul golden.
That why i care
was my only reply.

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CountryGothic said...
Dec. 7, 2010 at 12:23 pm
This is wonderful! An amazing poem and I understand this so well, you always seem to wonder why about things...well done.
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