I Miss You

November 17, 2010
By , Madison, WI
I miss your just showered smell
the warmth of your back
through your thin cotton shirt
I miss your long skillful hands
so musical
they were so good to hold
I miss your hair
I brushed it off your face
I miss your waking grumble
as I would slip under the blankets
and bury my face in your soft, sweet curls
I miss your solid self
but big enough for me
strong but skinny
long hugs
that you would lift me off the ground
I miss your teasing laugh
fingers at my waist
I miss having something to hold onto
during scary movies
I miss your lap
that fit me perfectly
with your arms around us both
still playing your guitar
on my lap
I miss your attempts to be coy
where you ended up just being cute
I miss your arms loose around me
while you slept
and I didn't
I miss my name in your voice
and I am worried
that soon
I will forget your smell
and the pattern of your freckles
I am deprived of them
don't let me forget
I don't know if you heard
but I kind of miss you

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