because I am me

November 17, 2010
By sceneXstar BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
sceneXstar BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"bite me cruel world!!!" "when i dont like you,i REALLY dont like you" "touch me and you die" "ill never fall head over heels"

because I like the supernatural...

Doesn't mean I'm gothic.

Doesn't mean that I hate myself.

Doesn't mean I look for death.

I'm just a horror chick.

Because I love piercings...

Doesn't mean I'm looking for a fight!

Doesn't mean I'm stupid!

Doesn't mean I support "the suspension piercings"!

I'm rebellious.

For I am Neon scene...!

Doesn't mean I'm always happy.

Doesnt mean that I love pink.

Doesn't mean I'm a hippie.

I am who I am today.

Because I am a punker...

Doesn't mean I plan to blow up the world one day.

Doesn't mean I hurt myself.

Doesn't mean I want tattoo's all over me.

I'm a Neon punker.

Just because...I'm bipolar and self centered...

Doesn't mean I made myself like this.

Doesn't mean I can change.

Doesn't mean I have a degree in afliency!!

I'm just this way.

Just because I close myself from the world alot...

Doesn't mean I think I'm better than you.

Doesn't mean I think I have it worse.

Doesn't mean I want to.

I'm just uncomfortable near certain people and enviroments.

Just because I love the undead.

Doesn't mean I'm a freak.

Doesn't mean I'm slow.

Doesn't mean I'm a nerd.

I'm just myself.

Just because I am can be yourself.

The author's comments:
this piece was made to represent how i feel every day i walk through the halls of school.and i just made this piece to help others see that their not alone in their fight for solitude

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