As If

November 17, 2010
By Anonymous

You took my heart as though it could be regenerated,
As if you could reattach the broken pieces to original form,
As if I had no form of feel at all.

You threw away all that we had,
As if you never had a care,
As if I never meant a lick to you.

You went with her, thinking I'd never know,
As if she was worth it,
As if i was not.

You told me great lies,
As if I'd never find out the truth,
As if you didnt care if I did.

You apologized continuously,
As if I could ever forgive,
As if I could ever forget.

You pretend it never occurred,
As if you were never at fault,
As if I should be over it.

You took me for all that I am,
As if I could suddenly become normal again,
As if the pain had never been inflicted.

You showed me I could be strong,
As if I represented a God,
As if I could make it through the toughest.

You acted as the villian,
As if I were the hero,
As if good always defeated evil.

You took it too far but all is well,
As I am the hero here,
As I am my own solution,
As I am my own rock,
As I am what you made me.
I am now whole.

The author's comments:
If someone you care about has ever treated you wrong by being unloyal, stay strong. You are what you make of the situation.

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