Searching For An Answer

November 11, 2010
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A kiss to the cheek was all he left,nothing else;
Unless you count the heartache.
Faded pictures scattered on her bedroom floor,
remnants of once was.
Did he lie? Did she imagine it all?
Was it all just a game?
she asks & asks but there is no answer.
I Love you is what he said;
Forever is what he promised.
The Romeo to Her Juliet,
The Edward to Her Bella.
Did he lie? Did she imagine it all?
Was it all just a game?
She asks herself why,but there is no answer.
She crys tears of hate,tears of love.
She crys till her eyes are swollen & bloodshot.
She crys till she is numb.
Soon,she starts to forget.
Her memories fade,
like to sun does at the end of the day.
Did he lie? Did she imagine it all?
No,He did not lie. Everything was real.
He loved her till he no longer could.
That was his forever.
No more tears shed. No more wanting him back.
All the pain locked and hidden away.
It was time to let go.
She asked her self one final time,
and found the answer.

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dnm509 said...
Dec. 10, 2010 at 12:19 pm
I enjoyed how you used imagery in this poem. Every line I read I could picture the scenes.  Add more details and depth. My favorite line is (l. 8) " I love you is what he said."  
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