I am a Bookshelf

November 11, 2010
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I am a bookshelf.
I am the keepsake for many diverse tales.
I am those diverse tales.
I am the past, the future, and the present.
I am underworlds, fantasy worlds, and the real world.

I am a bookshelf.
I am petite fairies, revolting trolls and elegant queens.
I am memories, emotions, and passions of authors.
I am creative minds and twisted imagination.
I am sincerity and honesty of story-tellers.

I am a bookshelf.
I am house spent flipping though pages.
I am the characters that readers connect with.
I am the dead you cry for.
I am the love you strive for.
I am the anticipation of resolution.

I am a bookshelf.
I am classic tales that have been read by many.
I am poems that activate your mind.
I am lists of jokes that make you chuckle.
I am the inspiration that you've been looking for.
I am just a bookshelf in the corner.

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