November 11, 2010
BrittneyKing SILVER,
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Favorite Quote:

You take lives, or make them worse
To treat you, we'll need a lot more than a nurse
People lose their limbs & hair because of you
Finding a cure seems impossible to do
You're a murderer, yet you never go to jail & you can't die
You're worse than anything & you cause many families to cry
Why don't you get lost?
Go back where you came from,
You're not welcome here
You're the one most people fear
You took my grandfather's life before I can even talk
Let alone walk
I hate you for killing off my family, one by one
Thanks to you some of them are buried six feet below,never to see the world again or the sun
How do we find a cure fr you,how?
Not even scientist know the answer
All everyone knows is, that you are cancer.

The author's comments:
I've lost 2 family members to this murderer.

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