see the rainbow

November 11, 2010

the world is always rainbow
never black and white
what we see with our own eyes
may deceive what we perceive in sight

our take or our perception
is only one of many
while our view may be a misconception
though we often judge plenty

we see what our eyes see
and we take in from there
but how wrong might we be
and we never seem to care

we may see black and white
when the world is full of blue
not caring if we’re right
you’ll never know what you never knew

like perhaps a shadow is cast
to show our own dark side
and maybe the one who cried last
held their feelings and knew to hide

but we judge what we see
and we judge what we hear
the difference we don’t chose to be
to listen and lend an ear

we could change it
by not just walking by
stop to think and sit
and start to wonder why

we judge who we do
with perceptions based on sight
take time to see the blue
in our world of black and white

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