Where I come from

November 11, 2010
By Temari_Myoichi BRONZE, St. George, Utah
Temari_Myoichi BRONZE, St. George, Utah
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I am from a small family of the city of lights and entertainment of California
Yet only to leave my home to move every year
I am from a family of separation and despair
Where fun and togetherness are just words
Where loneliness and fights are always present
Like a rose bush where the petals are torn and dipped in black paint
I am torn inside emotionally from the world
As I fight alone and misunderstood by all
I am from the city of wonder, travel and dreams
Yet under a cloud of cool mystic crystal rain to shield me from my future
I am from the dark hole of hate and disappointment
I am from the ocean waves as it gently meets the cliff side
I am from the cool breeze rushing throughout the trees and homes
I am from the islands of darkness and lost
With my bottle of sealed emotions only to hide and never open
I am from the cool abyss of depression
I am the one and only yet much is expected of me, alone
From pressure and confusion, the way in s blinded of my eyes
I am who I am yet want to change
I strive to prove myself better then what meets the eye
I am from the hearts for friends around me more than the warmth of a family love
I am from the ears of sweet musical of both vocal and instruments.
From the classical winds of a
I am from the nature of trees and peace
Where a gentle eagle over head, cry the song of the wind
And the grass and tree synchronize in rhythm with the sweet warm wind

The author's comments:
This was an assignment in my creative writing class and as I was writing it, I just poured my heart and soul out into it. The way I felt for it and what I meant on my background of my past and some of the present.

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