Ode to a Piano

November 9, 2010
By magusalex GOLD, Portage, Michigan
magusalex GOLD, Portage, Michigan
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From elephants tusks, you were made
you were carved
perfectly, nicely, professionally
you looked,
as clean as a new window
with no fingerprints
you were shipped in a large box
to a music shop
that sold you
to an excited me
with me
you were played daily
Motzart, Betoveen, Bach
were all melodies you hummed
jazz, classical, modern
were all generes you played
but soon, you grew old
and I, grew up
I left, forgetting you
as you sat, in my home
alone, cold, lonely
you wished, for someone
to play, nuture and love you
soon, a day came
many years later
when I saw you, yet again
worn down, out of tune, messy
and I looked upon you
with sorrow
and called, that music shop
where they took you back
to where you came from
to be rebuffed, renewed and recleaned
and soon
the day came
when I came for you again
as you sat, and looked
the way you were before
perfect, lovely and wonderful
I took you back
opened you up
and played you
all day, all night
and soon, you were happy
and people
came to see you
you hummed, sang and played as before
to kids who loved twinkle twinkle little star
to the people of weddings
and soon, to the world
on t.v. shows and cd’s
and we grew
better and happier
kids would crowd
to hear you sing Ol’ Mcdonald
grown-ups would crowd
to hear you hum Vivaldi
now, we stay
together, forever
till someone comes to hear us
and our playing, brings them joy
with one object, you can please many

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